Associations between feelings about a pregnancy and you will relationship cycle had been tall, but did not pursue consistent designs

Bivariate Findings

After the exception to this rule away from dating where respondents said it performed perhaps not recognize how it otherwise its mate create feel about a pregnancy, also dating for which study was in fact forgotten to possess parameters utilized in the fresh new multivariable research, the fresh new analytic sample contains 498 dating advertised of the 439 participants. Black and you may girls participants fundamentally believed reduced confident in a maternity than the Puerto Rican and you will male competitors ( Desk dos ). Thinking regarding the pregnancy failed to differ significantly by decades-classification otherwise instructional attainment (not revealed). That have got multiple partners in past times half a year is actually associated that have fundamentally significantly more bad thinking into a pregnancy. Thirty-one percent out of participants exactly who already had a kid stated that they’d feel very troubled on the a maternity, compared to 18% of these without a kid; yet not, an equivalent proportion each and every group said they might feel very pleased (26%).

Dining table 2

Notes: Chi-rectangular screening were used to evaluate significant differences in payment distributions round the categories. Rates may not increase one hundred due to rounding.

Within the 29% away from relationship where both lovers wanted to feel monogamous, respondents said they’d feel totally pleased with a pregnancy. Conversely, in just 9% regarding relationships where one lover don’t require as monogamous therefore the respondent wouldn’t proper care if their spouse got sex with others performed some navigate to the website body declaration perception extremely happy.

Relationships described as apparently high wavelengths of sex and by cohabitation was basically each other from the way more positive emotions throughout the maternity. Such as for instance, inside the 42% from relationship in which couples cohabited, this new participants said they might feel very happy with a pregnancy, whereas this is reported in just 20% regarding non-cohabiting dating.

Respondents’ perceptions of how its couples create feel about a pregnancy have been certainly from the their own feelings. Within the dating where participants believed that their partners will be extremely disturb because of the a pregnancy, participants was indeed most likely to say that they by themselves could well be most distressed, whereas inside the dating in which couples would be anticipated to be very pleased, participants was indeed most likely to feel by doing this on their own.

In the long run, scores towards the dating thinking level was in fact definitely with the feelings in the pregnancy. Like, inside relationships one obtained a decreased score, 54% out of participants told you they will be extremely disappointed on the a pregnancy and 12% told you they might feel extremely pleased. Alternatively, into the relationship towards highest results, 9% told you they would be most upset and you may forty-five% might be happy.

Multivariable Conclusions

Getting features which show don’t vary across the outcomes (age.g., intercourse, competition and you will ethnicity, several people), odds percentages on general bought logit regression is actually translated when you look at the exactly the same way given that bought logit show: An admiration significantly more than 1.0 is of this a propensity for the even more confident attitude on the maternity with a particular companion, and you may a regard lower than 1.0 was regarding the a tendency towards far more negative attitude. To own services by which performance did are different across the outcomes (e.grams., had a young child and you may relationship stage), chance percentages was interpreted in a similar way however, suggest exactly how the desire varies all over thinking groups. 33 Such as for instance, a particular characteristic could be of higher variations in the new odds of respondents’ reporting thinking on a single prevent of one’s range, yet , may reveal zero tall variations on the other side avoid. For this reason, in comparison to multinomial logit results that look the same as these types of, possibility ratios lower than step one.0 don’t suggest a diminished odds of being in a good brand of thoughts category.