She comments you to definitely as being the barista’s spouse, might thought she you will skip in the future

The following day regarding cafeteria, Alli additionally the remainder of the prom committee observe Becky and you can Jonah audition to experience during the prom. Jenna asks in which Clare is. Immediately following she requires, Clare comes up which have four java during the a cup manager, apologizing for being late on account of a lengthy line within Dot. Alli bolts up and holds the coffees out of Clare. She informs this lady not to ever want to keep since the she has that which you under control. Clare discusses her mislead and requires in the event the she does not want their inside as she skipped several meetings. Alli dismisses that and states she is just seeking getting a feel friend just before giving Clare a sweet look. Clare understands now and asks if Eli told her. Alli’s laugh drops and she acknowledges you to Eli thought she realized. Clare claims she didn’t share with some body while the she didn’t want to be handled in a different way. After a brief argument regarding their friendship, Clare angrily walks out of the cafeteria, making Alli upset.

Eli is seen briefly performing in the Dot when you are Tristan and you may Gage find yourself the day, Tristan and you will Zoe catch up regarding Miles, and Zoe possess a discussion about concert tickets having Kilometers. It may be presumed one Eli offered Tristan and the anyone else.

She informs your you to definitely she does not want to follow him to Ny because the she desires read exactly who she actually is on her own in which he says to her wants her today and you can he’s going to love whenever she becomes the person she wants to end up being

Within the Teen age Riot, Eli is at The new Mark that have Clare and Ali sharing just how Clare feels violated that Ms. Tablet might have been spying for her to your schools digital camera system.

From inside the In the long run (1), Eli matches with Clare on Degrassi for the break and you can Clare does not know what she desires to would after graduation and you can Eli says to the girl she can come so you’re able to Nyc and you will Clare believes. Eli has been Clare, Connor, Alli, Dallas, and you will Jenna taking photos before going so you can prom. Eli becomes on a single lower body that causes Clare, Alli, and you will Jenna to believe he or she is proposing however, he could be only to provide her which have the answer to their flat asking to go for the having him but Clare rejects their offer stating moving in which have Eli can’t end up being this lady plan shortly after senior school.

From inside the Finally (2), Eli having Clare, Ali, Jenna, and you may Connor dinner while you are Ali sharing exactly how Dallas can be with them and Connor obtains a contact to take Alli into Mark. Eli asks Clare in order to dance that have your at Mark prom. In the dance Eli and you may Clare revealing Clare’s upcoming and you can Eli leaves the prom when he seems that Clare doesn’t want so you can feel that have him. Eli is within the Degrassi auditorium seeing the class off 2014 scholar shocked by the Clare’s solutions and you may revealed ripping upwards during the Adam’s art gallery part. Following the service, Eli and you will Clare speak about Clare’s upcoming. They concur that they’re going to make long distance works. Clare draws Eli set for a hug before joining the class out of 2014’s conga line due to the fact Eli observe on, clapping on audience.


  • The guy appeared in 31 episodes in Season twelve, more virtually any reputation where seasons.
  • The guy appeared in the most attacks regarding the Class of 2013, the guy as well as are the actual only real reputation to arrive one hundred episodes during the you to definitely classification.
  • They are among the many introduce and former Degrassi students which cannot pass the name. The rest is actually:
  • (Jacob) (Victoria) (Mohammed) (Zigmund) (Rebecca) (Campbell) (Michael) (Francesca) (Deon) (Jacqueline) (Joseph) (Derek) (Archie) (Christine) (Lorraine) (Bryant Lester Thomas) (Scott) (Basil) (Tabitha) (Nicholas) (Manuela) (James) (Tobias) (Gavin) (James) (Elanor) (Jason) (Alexandra) (Richard) (Daniel) (Jonathan) (Holly Jeanette) (Savtaj) (Kirk Cameron) (Allia) (Bradley) (David) (Mark) (Andrew)