If one package is to be unpacked, one other must be removed first

7.cuatro. Conflicting binary bundles – Problems ¶

When one digital bundle declares a conflict which have another playing with a Issues occupation, dpkg will decline to let them end up being unpacked toward system meanwhile. This is exactly a healthier restrict than simply Holidays , and this inhibits new damaged package out-of being set up once the cracking plan is within the “Unpacked” county but allows each other bundles are unpacked in one go out.

If for example the package getting unpacked is designated as the substitution (discover Overwriting files and you will replacing packages – Replaces , but keep in mind that Breaks will be typically be taken in this case) the only with the system, and/or that towards the method is marked since deselected, or one another bundles are noted Crucial , then dpkg usually instantly eliminate the package that is causing the argument. Otherwise, it does halt installing the fresh plan that have an enthusiastic mistake. So it apparatus is actually specifically designed in order to make a blunder if the strung plan is important , nevertheless the plan is not.

A deal does not cause a conflict just just like the the configuration documents continue to be installed; it needs to be at the least “Half-Installed”.

An alternate exclusion is made for bundles and this age, otherwise with an online plan which they bring (get a hold of less than): this does not end its set up, and allows a great deal so you’re able to conflict with others delivering an upgraded for this. You employ this particular feature when you want the box at issue to-be the sole package getting specific feature.

together with Will bring whenever only one package delivering confirmed digital business might be unpacked simultaneously (look for Virtual packages – Will bring ),

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other times in which you have to prevent simultaneous having a couple of bundles for factors that will be ongoing (maybe not fixed inside the a later on version of among the many bundles) or that have to prevent one another packages out-of getting unpacked within same day, besides designed.

Know that adding Conflicts often is maybe not the best solution when a couple of bundles provide the exact same data files. According to the reason behind that argument, using possibilities otherwise renaming the brand new files might be a better method. Discover, such, Binaries .

Neither Vacation trips nor Problems is going to be put unless one or two packages never become installed at the same time otherwise installing him or her each other causes one of them as damaged or unusable. That have comparable effectiveness or undertaking the same opportunities because several other plan is not enough cause so you can claim Holiday breaks or Conflicts with that bundle.

An excellent Conflicts admission possess a keen “prior to when” type condition if the reason behind brand new dispute was fixed during the an after form of one of several packages. But not, normally the visibility of a keen “prior to when” variation condition was an indicator you to definitely Getaways should have come made use of as an alternative. An “earlier than” version term from inside the Disputes inhibits dpkg away from updating otherwise installing the fresh plan and therefore announces such as a dispute through to the change otherwise elimination of the conflicted-with plan could have been finished, that’s a powerful maximum.

eight.5. Digital bundles – Will bring ¶

In addition to brands regarding real (“concrete”) bundles, the box relationships industries Is based , Recommends , Implies , Enhances , Pre-Depends , Vacations , Conflicts , Build-Depends , Build-Depends-Indep , Build-Depends-Arch , Build-Disputes , Build-Conflicts-Indep and construct-Conflicts-Arc may speak about “virtual packages”.

A virtual package is one and this seems from the Brings handle field of some other plan. The result can be as whether your plan(s) which provide a certain digital bundle label was detailed of the label every-where new digital package term appears. (See along with Virtual bundles )

In the event that there are each other concrete and you can virtual packages of the identical identity, then the dependency can be found (or the disagreement triggered) by either the new real bundle on name under consideration otherwise any other tangible package that provides the fresh new digital bundle on label in question. This is so that, such, supposing you will find